Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Damage Survey Complete

Damage assessment teams discovered the tornadoes from Monday night did some EF-3 damage in some areas of Missouri. The attached picture is from Springfield and the crews determined the tornado did EF-1 damage in town. Southwest of Springfield, there was EF-2 damage to some houses and an elementary school. EF-2 tornadoes are estimated to contain winds up to 135 mph.

The most significant damage occurred north of Marshfield and Strafford where several homes and a barn was destroyed. EF-3 damage occurred in these areas. You might recall, the National Weather Service started using the new Enhanced Fujita scale last year to get a better estimation on wind speeds associated with a tornado.

The weather situation looks much quieter for the rest of the week and into the weekend.


Ty said...

Where did all the bloggers go???? Seems scarce in here these days.

Well anyways...regarding that storm line you blogged about, I am glad that Wichita didn't get hit with that tornadic weather but I definitely feel bad for those that had to endure that burden as I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. Mother Nature can sometimes be quite harsh...

I am sad to see the warm weather go, but I'll take the cold as long as it is cold long enough to kill off the mosquitos and other pests that are in abundance after a warm winter. I just hope that Spring gets here soon!!!

Take care all...KEEP BLOGGING...I know I enjoy your comments and I'm sure Ross does!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I am also glad Wichita didn't get hit. I am okay with storms, but tornado weather, I just don't do!! It's always sad to see what happens after the horrible weather some places get!!! Just makes you that much more thankful for what you have and reminds you not to take anything for granted!! Have a nice day!! Bring on the warm weather!!

shelly said...

Hey Ross, and Ty, and everyone,
How lucky are we that we didn't experience the bad weather just a close distance east of us? I hurt for those that have damage, as I lived through a tornado as a kid. It is scary, and it is hard to have to rebuild. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones.

So, Ross, it seems that it is typical to have "rougher" winter weather in Kansas in December, then have it calm down in January and early February, then have it get "rough" again late February and early March. Why is that?

Finally got my 2 Golden Retrievers out for some walks lately. They sure miss not getting out every day to walk. This warmer weather has been nice, but I hear it might be coming to an end next week. Oh well....It is only January!!

Happy day all!!!

Ty said...

Howdy Shelly, Ross, Melissa, and other fellow bloggers! YEAH it's FINALLY FRIDAY!

Melissa, thats a nice lookin' horse ya got there. I love riding!

I agree that Wichita dodged it again in this last set of fierce storms. I too feel very sorry for those that are still going through the mess and clean-up of everything. I do hope I never have to go through something like that and my heart goes out to them.

Well Have a great weekend all and keep blogging! That means you too Ross! Anyone going to the Jason Aldean concert next Friday, sounds like a great time!

Take care all!!!!

shelly said...

Hey all...
Ty, I have heard of Jason Aldean. Country music guy, right? I think he's only been around a couple of years? I do enjoy some country music, especially the newer stuff. It should be a great concert!

Ross, any idea when the last time was that the state of Washington had a tornado in January? I saw on the news that there was one on the 10th. Also, with all this spring like activity all over the nation now, what are the predictions when it really does turn to spring? Good or bad?

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Hoping for a big K-State win over Oklahoma (fingers crossed) and a KU win over Nebraska. You know, this undefeated thing at KU is getting to be a habit!

Ty said...

Howdy All,

Hope the weekend isn't going too fast for ya!

You would be correct Shelly, Jason Aldean is a country artist, with some great songs such as Johnny Cash, Laughed Until We Cried, Amarillo Sky, Why, She Loved Me, Hicktown and more. He will be at The Cotillion Ballroom on January 18th and the tickets are only $27.50. I enjoy the smaller concerts, they really can be the best concerts! Seein' them before they make it big. Actually I saw Gary Allen there too and it was an awesome concert!!! Now that I sound like a commercial...

Anyone have any favorite concerts they'd like to share? Rodney Adkins and Little Big Town opening for Martina was probably my favorite concert ever...I love Little Big Town & Rodney Adkin's EVEN MORE NOW!

Take care all, have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

Hey everyone!
Weather is feeling pretty good this morning. Might be nice enough to take the dogs out for a walk. Went to the Jason Boland concert last night. It was pretty good. I'm going Jason Aldean next Friday night. I am VERY excited!! I really like him. Do you know who is opening for him, Ty? I thought the Martina concert was also great! She is amazing! I really wish I could win tickets for Carrie and Keith! (Won tickets on the radio for Jason Aldean =) Weel, hope everyone enjoys their day!

Anonymous said...

I also went to the Jason Boland concert last night. He was good, I didn't know much about him before last night, but I had a good time!

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