Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cover Your Head!

I should first point out that this is my 100th post on the blog. It doesn't really seem like that many, but we have covered many topics on here.

A friend of mine suggested I talk about the falling satellite that is expected to hit Earth late in February or early March. It's not a weather satellite, thank goodness, but it's a spy satellite that government officials use. It could have hazardous materials on board, but there isn't any way of really knowing where this thing might come down. They are watching it, but you should know that there have been numerous satellites that fall from outer space and never cause any harm. I'm sure there was an equation I learned in meteorology school that I could use to find out where this thing will land, but it will have already crashed into the Earth by the time I come to any conclusions.

How about the warm weather today (Saturday). I'm ready to fire up my lawn mower!!


Ty said...

Good Evening All,

Congrats on reaching 100 blogs! Lets celebrate!!! I'll buy the first round Ross!

I was just reading about this satellite earlier today online. I found it interesting that we have had numerous other satellites fall out of orbit, but I can't recall hearing about it happening before. I guess the larger ones that were 70+ tons were a bigger deal than the 7000lbs satellites. I wonder what type of hazardous material they are talking about as well and has this material been in any of the other satellites?

Take care all and look forward to everyone else's response or thoughts on this!

As of Saturday T-Minus 52 days in counting until the First Official Day of SPRING!!!! How about that awesome weather today though? I got up on my roof to take down the remaining christmas lights that still decked my house! My dogs were loving the weather as well. What did everyone else do to enjoy the beautiful weather. Sorry you had to go into work this afternoon Ross, I know from your email that at least you got to enjoy a little bit of it though!

Have a great night! Ty

Anonymous said...

First of all congrats on the 100th posting and a happy many more.

I hadn't heard about the satellite that is going to fall down into the earth. I hope that it just falls apart on it's entry into the earth, and if it doesn't I would think the company that "owns" it would be responsible for damage it could result.

It was a wonderful day, but you weren't the only one that had to work today Ross so you weren't the only one working.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend.

G said...

Congrats on 100!! I have been reading but never have commented before.

Once they know where it will land, is there a way to warn people or protect them? Or will it burn up on re-entry because of friction? I also have never heard of this happening before.

Keep up the good blogs Ross! I enjoy reading them, even though I have moved out of the viewing area!

shelly said...

Wow, a falling satellite. I'm sure there have been many, but we just never hear about them because they aren't "hazardous", and it is so likely they won't fall in habitated areas. I hope this one doesn't either. A nice dive into the ocean would be a good thing I think!

The weather was beautiful, and I hope that our next cold air won't be as bad as the last one. Those numbers that Ty is posting keep giving me a bright smile every day....thanks Ty!

I hope everyone has a good Sunday, with more warm weather! Gotta get out and walk those goldens. Thanks for your insight on the dogs Ty. I have really tried working with them lately on obedience, and the internet actually has had some good advice. I'm actually seeing glimpses of good girls!

Ok everyone....go outside!!!!

Melissa said...

Ah, the warmer weather!!! It's soooo nice! After church I will be taking Rodeo for a walk. I had to work yesterday so I didn't get out and enjoy the nice weather so today I will have to make up for it.

I also read about the satellites on the internet the other day. Hopefully it doesn't cause any problems and breaks up before it hits land.

Its good to hear from you all. I'm going to head out and enjoy the weather! You should too! =)

Ty said...

Guessing all the people have been out enjoying the weather instead of blogging like we have been.

Well I am very sad to see this warm spell disappear. I'm going to try and enjoy as much of it as I can once I leave work today, which is just moments away!!! Too bad the cloud cover didn't let in all that nice warm sunshine today, I was hopin' we could break the record for Wichita! Well I have to make a quick stop at PetsMart on my way home then I am going home to try and enjoy this last bit of warmth with my dogs!!!!

Melissa, thanks for the email. I'll look forward to seeing you on Saturday at PetsMart!

To continue with my tally, 50 days in counting until the First Official Day of SPRING!!!!

Have a great day all. Hope all is well with you Ross. It was nice to see Millie on TV on Saturday Evening. Can't wait to see her in person again.

janssen2 said...

Ross - It was very interesting reading about the satellite information. Couldn't tell from the Christmas card picture what breed Millie is. My dad also has a Millie, who is a golden retriever. Have been watching you since you started at KWCH, and have always enjoyed your on-air presentations. It is nice that you are also using this medium to reach viewers. Would like to meet sometime, as I often get asked if we're related - the spelling is the same. Take care, keep up the good work - on and off the air, and congratulations on the 100th blog milestone!

Melissa said...

You are right, Ty. Everyone is out enjoying the nicer weather while it lasts. I know I was! I just got back from the gym and am happy to see I didn't miss the weather tonight since the State of the Union was on tonight. (I just don't think I WANT to hear that the cold is coming back) Maybe it won't last too long!?!?

Ty said...


What a day today is...Kansas Day (147th birthday to the 34th State in the Union), Obama is here in our state, and we got some great weather (subtle sarcasm about the weather)! So is anyone going to venture to El Dorado to see Obama talk today? I would love to see/listen him, even though I'm a registered Republican (I don't consider myself either party) and can't vote in the Democrat caucus, I'm definately interested in this candidate (sorry Hillary backers, not another Clinton in the OVal Office). If anyone goes, please blog about it, I'd love to hear your comments, since I'm working.

OK, now about that great warm weather we had...what a tease, I hate it when it does that to us for just a few days, then's the cold stuff back! Oh well, what can you do, but complain...ha ha! And whats up with the snow today...I was only expecting light flurries, took me by surprise, thats for sure! On a positive note for me anyhow, I was inside and it looked blistery cold with all that wind, but it was pretty to look at!

I don't know about ya'll, but I just keep reminding myself of the count down to the First Offical Day of Spring, which by the way, there are only 49 days left as of today (1/29/08)!!! We will make it fellow bloggers, I just know it!!!

Hey Ross if you got such an itch to start that mower...Once it is warm enough, I got a big yard you can just go to town with! HA HA!

Alright, this is quite long now...Stay WARM ALL and KEEP BLOGGING!

Debbie said...

Just curious do you all know each other in person or just on the blog?

Anonymous said...

We should have a blogger meeting. It would be fun to grab a drink with everyone- including you Ross.

Ty said...

Well I'll chime in to answer Debbie's question from my perspective as I'm not sure about everyone else here on the site...I know Ross and maybe meeting Melissa and her dog Rodeo at my part-time job, PetsMart West this Saturday. As for everyone else thus far I have not met. I have talked with a few via email, but mostly just blogging and talking it up with people. It's just a fun way to network with others and find commons interests. It doesn't always have to be about the weather, but it sure is fun to give Ross a hard time during bad weather! (Chin up bud)

Does anyone else know each other?

Well Anonymous, great idea to have a get together to meet the people behind the names...wait...I'm not sure who you are though...there are so many anonymous people!?!?! All joking aside, it would be helpful to track who is who during blogs/conversations if the "Anonymous" option isn't used and perhaps just a nickname. Not tellin' anyone what to do, just throwing that option out there!! Regarding your suggestion though, I designate Ross as chair person for this committee, do I hear a 2nd?!?! LOL!!!

I like communicating with Ross, Melissa, Shelly, Stacy, John, and many of the others that are here regularly blogging on the site! Keep it up everyone, it's been a lot of FUN!!! I hope you think so as well, sorry I get long winded!!!

Anonymous said...

I know Ross well which is why I DON't put a name with my comments! haha! :)

marisa said...

I have not met anyone that blogs on here either. I just started getting in on the conversations about a week or so ago. Everyone was talking about concerts and I love concerts so I thought I would join in. Speaking of concerts, I am really excited to be attending the Reba/Kelly concert this Thursday. It should be a lot of fun. Hopefully the weather will not be bad.

Debbie said...

Thanks for the response Ty. I just started reading these a few weeks ago as well but I wasn't sure if I was crashing a group of friends or what. Seems we all have some common interests I have two dogs of my own and we all can't wait for spring. I like your winded comments Ty as they take up slack in my slow days at work. Would be fun to get together with everyone and put more faces with names.

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Haha you all are funny! I think faces with names are good. (thats where the pics come in!?) Who knows.. maybe we will have a "first day of spring doggie get-together?" It seems like most of us on here have dogs. Might be fun anyway.
Ty, you will have to remind me what time you work on Sat again. I am actually off this weekend, so I will be sure to make it. (granted its not 5 below and I dont want to leave my house)
We removed an eyeball from a cat today at work! <-doesn't really seem to be the blog of interest, but hey, I thought it was pretty neat. Well, another night at the gym. Maybe I'll write some more later =)

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