Monday, January 7, 2008

Very Unusual Stuff

Looking at the radar Monday night, we are shocked at how impressive this line of thunderstorm activity is east of Kansas. The Storm Prediction Center has over 30 reported tornadoes and at least 3 fatalities from the storms in Missouri. It is not unheard of to get tornadoes in January, but an outbreak like this is rare. This radar image is from 9:30 Monday night and the storms extend from Oklahoma into Michigan.

This type of weather system is something that is more common in March or April as we make the transition into spring. However, with the unprecedented warmth we have had the last few days, it is no surprise that we are getting some severe weather in the central US.

The weather will quiet down some later in the week, but it will not be as warm.


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying the weather the last couple days...very unusual for January. I hope it is not just the "calm before the storm".

Ty said...

Howdy Ya'll,

Back from Colorado. Thanks for the well wishes Shelly, that was sweet!

Well Ross, what a set of weather patterns we have had between CO & KS in these past week or so. I was definately enjoying the weather and I know that Apache, my Great Dane, was too as he finally got to spend the majority of the last few days outside with his brother and sister (labradors), he was getting cabin fever bad! Millie probably enjoys the indoors, doesn't she Ross.

Well just wanted to say hello and I hope everyone has a great week. Ross...keep me updated on your next wood working project man.

Happy New Year Everyone. Congrats to KU and those KU fans out there, they pulled it off!

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