Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thinking About Spring

How is the week going for everyone? It's been busy for me, but then again, it always seems that way. Ty has the countdown going to the first day of spring and for some of us, it just can't get here fast enough. The weekend is looking warmer, so we don't have to wait too much longer.

We are always looking for trained weather spotters to help watch severe weather during the spring and summer months. The National Weather Service is holding spotter talks, which will actually begin next month.

This link will take you to the National Weather Service here in Wichita and if you are interested in attending a meeting, they are free and last for about two hours. The meetings are very good and very informative. If you live in western Kansas, let me know and I'll get the meeting schedule posted on here.
I'm off to enjoy my weekend. See you back on the air Saturday evening.


Melissa said...

I wasn't going to blog anymore tonight, but I saw the word "spring" and couldn't resist. It just can't get here quick enough! I thought I would be a tough girl and fight the cold to go to the gym tonight... Boy was I wrong!! Its FREEZING! (and I'm definitely not tough!) Maybe this weekend will help us see the light at the end of the tunnel that it WILL get warmer.
Ross, I think I am as tired as you were tonight on the air! Made me laugh though =) Talk to you all soon!

Ty said...

Howdy Everyone....

I'll continue to provide the countdown, now that Ross put me on the spot and all...ha ha, just kidding. After conferring with my online tracker, I show that we have 55 days until the official day if SPRING, but Ross if you can get it here quicker, I'll take that for sure!

Marisa, glad to see that you stepped out from behind Anonymous #1, ha ha ha! In reference to your last comment on Ross' last blog, I worked at the Zoo from 1995 to 2000. I worked in various areas (Prairie, African Veldt, Jungle, Farms) but was always working with the animals. You have my email, let me know who your friend is either here or on email. Her name wasn't Kim was it? Just curious.

Stay warm all and Ross I'm still waiting on that email...ha ha.

Take Care and Good Night!

shelly said...

Hey all!
You know Ty, I have 2 very good golden retrievers, and they are both very smart. The problem is, they are not even 2 years old yet, AND, they are very dependent on each other. So, if I try to train them separately, the one left out just goes crazy! They are sisters from different litters, and they act like twins. It's almost like they have their own language between each other! I have always thought about training with a professional, and maybe they would have an idea how to solve my problem. It sounds like you are an animal lover, like most everyone here seems to be. I know those dogs are like my kids! I love horses alot too Melissa, as I grew up around one, and hate that I live in town where I can't have one! I sure have a place in my heart for them though! From the picture, yours looks beautiful!

Stacy, congratulations on your nephew! From what I can tell he sure is cute. Speaking of nephews, how is your nephew doing Ross? I'm sure he is growing like a weed! They sure are fun aren't they?

You know, Ross posted a call for weather spotters, and I was wondering if anyone here has ever been a weather spotter? If so, what is it like, and have you seen anything interesting? I really am fascinated by the weather, and have thought about going to a meeting. Ross, Salina usually has a pretty early meeting doesn't it? Like in February? Sounds like something very interesting!

Did I hear 50 as a possible temp this weekend! Wow....maybe the dogs will get some walks in this week after all! Have a good one all! And stay WARM......

Stacy said...

Good morning everyone! It's starting "warm" up a little. At least it's not 8 anymore. I might even get to wash my car today so it's ready for the weekend.

Thanks for the congrats on my nephew - he's 22 days old today. So precious. Would love to see some pictures of you & your nephew Ross.

Well, have a great Friday and enjoy the warmer weather this weekend. Who knows, maybe we'll get to ride our horses soon, Melissa.

Ty said...

Howdy Ya'll,

Whats going on? Where is everybody at...the blogging has dwindled some!

Anyhow...IT'S FRIDAY and I am definately out tonight, anyone else! Not sure where yet, waiting on a bud of mine to get off at 11pm then we will decide.

I am looking forward to these greatly needed increased temps! 53 Days until the OFFICIAL Day of SPRING!!! Should be great riding weather this weekend Melissa and Stacy. Thanks for the emails Marisa and Melissa, been great talking to you both.

Shelly my labs are bro/sis from same litter (4/15/01, which was easter that year), haven't spent too much time apart and now they will be 7 this year. I can't believe how time flies, but they are so co-dependent upon each other. We try to do separate things with them, walks, swimming, etc; I even took my male camping at El Dorado Lake for several days, that was the longest they had ever been apart. Also Shelly, never been a storm spotter, just photographer, but I think I'll go to a storm spotter class if I'm available the night they are here in Wichita.

Whats everyone got going on this weekend? Anyone gonna do anything for Kansas Day?!?! It's next Tuesday ya know! Pride in our State!

Hope to hear more from everyone...that includes you Ross. Take care All!


Melissa said...

Hi Everyone!
I have had the longest week and its still not over. Sometimes it really is not fun being open on Saturdays! Good thing I only work every other sat and we are only open till noon!
Well, tonight I will be spending a quiet night in with the dog. Tomorrow night, however, we (30 girls) will be going on a party bus for a bachelorette party. Should be exciting. Maybe one of these weekends I wont have anything going on and can relax =)
I'm glad you are still counting down till spring, Ty! It was good talking to you as well. Let us all know when the baby comes! We want pictures too!!
Okay, off to the gym then bed! Have a good night everyone!

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