Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where Does Time Go?

Time seems to get away from us and I was reminded of that last week. My dad and I have been keeping weather records for the Geneseo area for 10 years now, and we were presented with an award from the National Weather Service last week. I have to give most of the credit to my dad because he checks the gauge for me when we have storms, and then I fill out the paper work and send it to the weather service. It is something we started when I was in high school and it has been a fun chore over the years. So, thanks dad for doing most of the grunt work. My dad couldn't make it to Wichita to receive the award; that is Joe Rosner from the National Weather Service who is in charge of the cooperative observers around southcentral Kansas.

I haven't done this yet, but I'm told you should check out Rodney's blog here at KWCH.com. He has a link to some audio that serves as a good reminder when you should and shouldn't call 911. Apparently, some people freaked out when they heard the tornado sirens last week and called 911 to see what was going on. It wasn't here in Kansas, but I think it was up north in Wisconsin. Check it out... I'm sure it's pretty funny.

The cold air is coming in as I write this entry. I hope you are ready!


Melissa said...

Awe! That's awesome!! Congrats to you and your dad on the award! 10 years... you're rigt.. where does the time go??

I will check out Rodney's blog. I'm not tired and was looking for something to do =)

Wish you had some different weather to forcast tonight, but I understand you have no control over it. Have a good night.

shelly said...

I want to congratulate you and your dad for the award, and for the 10 years of wonderful service you have provided to your home community. You deserve it for being the faithful weathermen that you are!

I checked out Rodneys blog, and I couldn't believe the stuff I heard! I am floored by the fact that people would tie up 911 lines just for that! I guess it goes to show that people really were caught off guard, and maybe temporarily lost their heads!

Waiting for the cold winds to start blowing, and I know they are coming. Thank goodness the snow won't be a problem! Everyone stay warm!! :)

Anonymous said...

My grandparents did the same for over 20 years for the National Weather service so your well on your way to the next 20, congrats.

Check out the Blog and it was quite the reminder that 911 is for emergencies only.

Stacy said...


Congratulations to you and your dad on your great award! It's so cool that you two can share in that activity together even though you're apart.

The cold, wet weather is here and it's already sleeting. Everyone be careful and keep toasty!

Ty said...

Hey all...

Well I for one am hating this white stuff that is so insistent on falling from the sky!!! I mean what's up with this...you'd think it was still Winter or something. 62 DAYS UNTIL SPRING!!!

Ross I wanted to send a CONGRATS to you and your dad on the service award, 10 years, sounds like it was well deserved! Keep up the good work!

Regarding the 911 tape, as I said in Rodney's Blog, we don't have a non-emergency line here in Sedgwick County, but I agree that 911 is NOT the place to call to find out about the validity of tornado sirens or other weather conditions. We had malfunctioning sirens in NW Wichita last year at 5 am on multiple occasions and we turned to Channel 12 first and then the Weather Channel and finally KFDI to check and nothing, so went back to bed. You can include this in your Weather Special Ross, remind them of all the places to check and then add the places NOT to check in severe weather conditions!!! (wink)

Well Be SAFE ALL, driving and walking, it's slippery out there!

Jon said...


Its funny you bring that up, My friend Bryce and I who worked for the Kansas State Climatologist had to enter in all the data from the E-15 observation reports and one time we noticed your name on the Geneseo report! Its great to get observations from around the state and look at weather history across Kansas and I encourage people who live in rural areas to participate if they want!

Another program we worked with was the CoCoRahs collaboration program which is just measuring precipitation. Its wonderful to see how rain amounts can vary in such short distances and this will tell meteorologists and everyone else the rainfall amounts for any specific area which is essentual for agricultural,hydrologican and meteorological reasons!

Here is the link to the CoCoRahs program!

Take care,


Ty said...

Well for those that went to see Jason Aldean, I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as I did. Dispite standing outside freezing to get in, it was well worth it! No Justice was surprisingly better than expected, they were pretty good. Jason Aldean came out and the crowd really had fun with Amarillo Sky! Laughed Until We Cried went very well and the crowd swayed. The crowd EXPLODED when he FINALLY broke into Hicktown, sorry Ross, I know that wasn't your favorite!

Well I wouldn't consider myself a concert connoisseur, but out of those I have attended I'd rate this concert at probabaly an 8 on a scale of 10 being the best!

Thats my review, let me know what you thought Melissa and ANYONE else that went to the concert tonight! I hope to hear from you!

Ross hope you're having fun away from Kansas! Let us know what all you got to do!

Melissa said...

Hi All!
Well, first off, I am going to have to agree with Ty that standing out in the freeeezing cold waiting to get in was not the highlight of my night =) One we were in though, it was great! I thought No Justice did an outstanding job and Jason Aldean most definitely put on a great show! I have pictures on myspace for anyone that wants to see him. We were pretty close to the front of the stage. Good times, just hope for warmer weather if we have to wait in line again =)
Off to the Rodeo at the Coliseum tonight.

Melissa said...

Oh, here is my myspace address... sorry =)

shelly said...

Wow! It sounds like everyone had a good time at the Jason Aldean concert! I'm glad that it turned out good for everyone that got to go. And I'm glad that No Justice ended up being good as well. Sounds like it was a great night for everyone! I'm sure that you've heard that Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood are coming to the Coliseum March 6th, and I would LOVE to see that concert. I'm hoping tickets don't cost too much! What a great concert that one will be!

OK Ross...where have you been and what have you been up to? If you've been someplace nice and warm you might wanna keep it to yourself! But I hear it might be warmer next weekend.

Have a great day all!

shelly said...
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Stacy said...

Ross, where have you been? We miss you!

I didn't get to go to the concert, but did go to the rodeo 2 nights. It was great to be in that atmosphere. I really enjoyed it, did you Melissa?

Well, have a great week!

Debbie said...

Congrats on the award. You seem so close to your family. I am finding out just how important that is. Hope we get a little warmer soon.

Melissa said...

Stacy- Yes, I enjoyed the Rodeo on Sat night. I love bullriding and would like to see more of that, but overall, it was a good time! Be careful out there, it's very icy! I really dont like driving in this stuff!!

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