Thursday, November 17, 2016

Calmer weekend; next storm Tuesday

The weekend is here! Hope you were prepared for the huge temperature change. It feels very weird to fall back BELOW normal for a change. It's our first day this month with an afternoon high temperature that doesn't get above normal.

Weekend: A hard freeze is expected statewide for Saturday morning as we drop into the teens and 20s. Thank goodness the wind will go down. Skies will be sunny.

Sunday: Should be a little milder at the end of the weekend. Skies will remain sunny and although there may be a bit of a breeze, it shouldn't be anything like the last few days.

Next Storm: Forecast models agree that the next system will arrive on Tuesday. It comes from the southwest, which can mean trouble this time of the year. But this system is running into enough warm air that we aren't expecting any wintry precipitation. It would be nice if we could get a good soaking, but I just don't think the storm will be around for very long. So amounts (for the most part) will likely come in under .25"

Thanksgiving Day!!
Right now... it looks a little breezy. South winds will help to push temperatures up close to 60 degrees, but I think we will be dry throughout the area.

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