Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nearly 60 days without rain... here comes the storm

So many rounds of generous rainfall earlier this year across western Kansas, but the faucet has been turned off for the last couple months. It's already set a record for lack of moisture from September 6 through today's date. And we will go a little longer before the weekend storm arrives.

It's remarkably quiet around much of the country. Very few watches/warnings/or advisories. And this is the time of year when storm systems get stronger and the weather should be getting more exciting. But lately, it's been pretty uneventful (with the exception of all the record highs happening around the country)

The weekend storm that will impact Kansas is going to hang out over New Mexico producing rains through at least Friday. It could be a drenching rain as forecast models paint some 2-3 inch amounts around the state. 

Kansas will get some rain this weekend. It may not be very much, even though the Gulf of Mexico moisture will be flowing right up into our area. As the storm system approaches Kansas, it should be weakening. Rainfall around here over the weekend will mostly be under .25", but we may see some pockets of .50" across the west.
Weekend forecast rainfall amounts

Looking down the road, I continue to see temperatures gradually getting colder. The models have been doing a terrible job in the extended period, but I'm expecting our temperatures to be near normal for awhile, and then go below normal as we get closer to Thanksgiving. 

Don't forget our winter forecast is coming out Monday night at 10 p.m. I'm also planning a Facebook Live after the story airs so you can ask questions. 

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