Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Record watch to winter... even some snow possible

The warm weather has been endless this fall season and here we go AGAIN! Record watch is on for Tuesday and Wednesday and highs will be 25 degree warmer than average. It's amazing. But I will caution you that Mother Nature has a way of evening things out. Our winter forecast that we put out a week ago calls for a colder winter and I still believe we are getting close to seeing the cold air cut loose.

A large high pressure system is allowing for warm air to spread north across Kansas and surrounding areas. It's not unheard of, but it's incredible for the middle of November. Normal highs are between 55-60 degrees. Here are the numbers to beat for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wind Alert! - A very strong storm is coming in for the second half of the week. This will be one of the strongest systems we've seen in the Plains for quite awhile (maybe nearly 2 months)! There is a chance the first snowflakes of the season could fly in western Kansas Thursday night. Beneficial, widespread moisture isn't likely, but this will definitely be a weather changing storm system. The storm would need to track MUCH farther south (down through Texas) in order to get measurable snow in Kansas, but the model trends for the last 4-5 days have not shown that. Wind gusts of 40-50 mph, blowing dust, high fire danger, etc. for Wednesday/Thursday. This will be a BIG wind maker!

Blizzard - An all out blizzard is possible north of us into Thursday and Friday. From Colorado to Minnesota, a swath of white-out conditions look to be in the making as the storm could drop up to more than a foot of snow in Minnesota. 

Bitter Wind Chills - expected Saturday morning. Many areas will be down in the teens and 20s. 

So be ready for some wild swings in temperatures this week. I know we need moisture (some want rain, others snow), but the pattern doesn't look to deliver much of that to Kansas at least for this week. The pattern is looking very active though between now and the end of this year. Yes... that's right... stormy weather looks to be on the horizon through much of December. Stay tuned!

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