Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rain chances return in a couple different rounds

Chances for rain have been few and far between lately, and after seeing how dry western Kansas has been the last few months, it can't get here soon enough. In fact, look at this map showing rainfall totals from October. Some places have only had a trace. That's not going to help the winter wheat crop at all.

The weather pattern is turning active, and that means we should see more than just temperatures changing in the coming days. A VERY slow moving front over the state today will bring the chance for spotty rains to central and eastern Kansas. I think some areas along and east of the Flint Hills might see over .50", but most of us will barely get enough rain to settle the dust. 

Beautiful Weather Alert!! - Thursday and Friday look really nice. It should feel more like autumn ... finally.

Weekend Rain Chances - 
Heading into the weekend,, another storm (albeit weak) is going to approach from the 4 Corners area. It's a slow moving system that won't be overly impressive, BUT... it does bring the chance for rain back to western Kansas. Moisture will be flowing up from the Gulf of Mexico, so there's a good chance it will feel like early spring. The system will wobble a little farther east by Sunday, so the chances will spread a little farther east by then too.


Here's a look at one forecast model and what it shows for potential rainfall between now and Monday morning. Not much... but some will be happy with just about any moisture at this point.

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