Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Major flooding and could a change be on the way

It's sounding a little bit like a broken record talking about rain every other day, but the stormy pattern that started in late March just keeps on now as we close the month of April. Looking at the calendar (and counting rain on the 25th), we've had 11 days this month with measurable rainfall.

Major Flooding!
This could be in the works for the weekend off to the southeast of Kansas. From eastern Oklahoma all the way to St. Louis, models are indicating some very heavy rains and these areas don't need it right now. If the forecast pans out the way it's looking now, some areas could get 5 or 6 inches of rain (maybe more). Needless to say, that could cause some big problems. I don't expect severe storms in Kansas this weekend as we will be on the cool side of the front, reducing the chance for hail and wind.

We are going to have widespread rains of our own here in Kansas, but not on those kinds of levels. It's looking like mostly 1-2 inch rains, but we are still 3 days out from the event, so there could be some changes to that. And then there's the chance for a rain/snow mix in the far west too... Kansas weather is just crazy sometimes.

Some snow... yes SNOW... is even expected across western Kansas both Saturday and maybe even Sunday morning too. Some of the snow might stick in grassy areas, but the ground has warmed up some, so I don't think it would stick for very long.

The cool, wet and stormy weather pattern will likely last another couple of weeks. But in the longer range, I see a shift coming in the jet stream that could result in a longer stretch of drier weather. There's a possibility we could go into more of a northwest wind pattern that would help us dry out. If the models are correct, that might happen around May 10-15th. We like having the rain, but we could sure spread this out over longer periods to reduce the flooding threats.

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