Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rainfall amounts - more coming

Many of you reach out to us for rainfall amounts around the area and they can be hard to find on the internet. So here's a list of what has come in this morning (as of 7 a.m.):

Pratt - 1.67"
Marquette - 1.50"
Kingman - 1.30"
Wichita - 1.22"
Concordia - 0.97"
13th & Greenwich - 0.93"
Newton - 0.78"
Hutch - 0.61"
Salina - 0.37"
Goodland - 0.10"
Great Bend - 0.09"
Winfield - 0.05"
Medicine Lodge - 0.01"

Next round on the way for Friday! A flood watch cover south central and southeast Kansas where the majority of the rain will be. PLEASE avoid flooded areas. I know it's tempting to take the chance, but roads get washed out and it's never worth the risk. Forecast models give much of central and south central Kansas another inch of rain tomorrow. Southeast Kansas is going to get even more, with over 2 expected there. I expect northwest Kansas will get up to .50", which is good news because some of the recent rains have missed that part of the state.

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