Thursday, April 6, 2017

Severe chance this weekend

The week is winding down and some of the bank-full creeks and streams are starting to go down now that the faucet has been turned off. Here's a map showing the rainfall from the last 30 days, which sets the drought back significantly. Take a look at the drought map one week ago, and where we are today. The recent rains don't wipe it out completely because it takes awhile to recharge some of the sub soil moisture and some of these places hadn't had any rain until about 2 weeks ago.

Sunday Severe Threat:
We should enjoy some sunny and warmer weather into the weekend, but I'm watching another system (cold front) that will be pushing through our state on Sunday. All indications point toward some scattered storms developing into Sunday evening. I think most of the severe weather will be east of us, but if you are southeast of the Turnpike, keep a heads up to Sunday evening. Spotty severe storms may start developing after 6 p.m. The storms won't be around for too long because by Monday morning, they will all be east into Missouri, Arkansas, and eastern Oklahoma.

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