Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring gardeners, heads up!

Welcome to Wednesday! The last in a series of storms has finally moved on to the east and we won't see anymore widespread rain now for awhile. 

Kevin from the Inman area sent us this picture. There were several locations that ended up with close to 2" and there's so much standing water in places.

Here are the 24 hour rainfall totals for some select spots:

Hutch: 1.89"
Kingman: 1.85"
Newton: 1.46"
Dodge City: 1.16"
Pratt: 1.16"
Wichita: 1.13"
Liberal: 1.09"
Salina: 0.96"
Medicine Lodge: 0.95"
Garden City: 0.76"
Russell: 0.63"
Great Bend: 0.44"
Winfield: 0.40"

If you have already started your spring garden, I'm a bit concerned for some light frost in a few spots early Thursday. Forecast temperatures will all drop into the 30s, and even though a hard freeze is very unlikely, some sensitive plants may not like the cold start Thursday morning. I know we get anxious sometimes to get the garden going as soon as we can, but it can still be a bit risky in early April. 

Big severe weather is expected today farther east. Hail and possible tornadoes with storms impacting major metropolitan areas. Going to be a rough day flying in and out of Atlanta. 

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