Monday, April 24, 2017

Stormy pattern reloads over central US

It's what some of us don't need - more rain. And if you read the blog last Friday, we briefly touched on what could be a stormy (severe weather) setup coming later this week. Late April though May is typically the busiest time in Kansas for severe storms, although as we know, they can happen at any time.

As of this writing, there have been a total of 16 tornado reports, 131 hail reports, and 83 for wind. The season is still very early - last year there were 99 tornado reports, 569 hail, and 539 for wind.
First Storm to Watch:
This is coming through Tuesday evening - early Wednesday: No severe weather expected
A cold front will push on through Kansas and drop the temperatures rather significantly. It brings with it a chance for scattered rain showers, but nothing heavy expected and no flooding potential. Amounts should mainly be under .50"

Storm Setup Late in the Week:
We are starting to see some alignment in the computer models suggesting that strong - severe storms will be back in the Plains late in the week. Areas from Oklahoma to Missouri, to Arkansas look to have the highest chances for severe storms, but almost all of us are going to see more rain by the weekend. 

Stick with us through the week as the forecast comes into better focus. The weather pattern still looks very active into early May, and even if we dodge the severe weather, flooding could still be a big problem for our area. 

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