Monday, April 10, 2017

More stormy weather ahead

We are coming off our first dry and warm weekend we've had in about 3 weeks. Most of the puddles are drying up, but you don't have to look very far to still find standing water. 

Spring is our time of the year to get some good rains, and we may have another active weather pattern about to unfold here later this week. Several of the computer models place Kansas in a favorable spot to see several different rounds of rain and storms, but figuring out time and location will be main task later in the week.

First rain chance - Wednesday/Thursday:
This is not a big storm, but this system is coming from the west and will develop some scattered rain showers in western Kansas mid-late morning Wednesday They should move east later in the day. Rainfall amounts are looking to be in the 0.25-.50" range for many areas ( not the big 2-3" amounts we saw a few weeks ago) 
European model

GFS model

Another small system - Friday:
A weak storm system will be in the area on Friday, which could lead to some scattered showers. Best chance is looking to be over the eastern 1/3 of the state. You can see the model predictions for rainfall over Kansas through midday on Friday. Regardless of which model you pick, our amounts aren't going to be what they were a few weeks ago, but much of the state will see something between now and the weekend.

Saturday - looking dry right now for most of the area

Easter Sunday:
We will have to watch the development of a bigger storm in the western US, which could lead to storm chances late in the holiday weekend. 

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