Monday, April 3, 2017

Here we go again!

One storm departs - next one (#5) on the way!

The weather pattern we are experiencing isn't like anything we've seen in months. Take a look at the radar estimates from just the last week. It's incredible to see how much of the state has had some good soaking moisture. When the drought map comes out later this week (Thursday), it should reflect the impact of this stormy pattern. 

Our current storm is on the way out and any sunshine we might have between the storms will be brief.

Latest FutureTrack data is bringing the rain to southwest Kansas later tonight, and then spreading east throughout the day Tuesday. The chance for severe weather is VERY LOW - temperatures will be quite cool and with the low tracking a bit farther south, that keeps Kansas in a safer spot from any severe potential. 

How much rain can we expect with the next system (Tuesday-Wednesday)? Locations farther north will get the least, but south of I-70, the amounts could go as high as an inch or more. So some flooding is possible in low lying areas. 

The weather pattern changes later in the week and we begin to dry out around much of the Plains. 

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