Friday, April 14, 2017

Very active weather pattern

It's Good Friday and I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. While this weekend does bring some storm chances to the area, it's not going to be a complete washout for Kansas. I'm still finding mixed opinions about the rain. Some need it and others still want a few more weeks to dry out. The new drought monitor that came out yesterday (Thursday) shows more improvement across southwest Kansas. We don't have any areas of "extreme" drought, but still some dry areas.

The setup into Saturday hasn't changed much from what we've been talking about throughout the week. A cold front will produce showers and storms Saturday evening, and some are going to produce hail and very heavy rains. There's been some concern of flooding just because the ground is still very wet AND the cold front is going to slow down, which means the storms might hang around longer. An inch or two of rain in a 2-3 hour time frame could cause some problems.

Here's the area where I think the concern for flooding is the highest:

And next week, the forecast is difficult. We have several different systems lined up and ready to move through the Plains. So the challenge for us is to figure out which time period has the best chance of yielding rain. This looks like a very active pattern! While we may not have a ton of severe storms, there's a good chance we may have a lot of wet days coming our way. It would be nice to spread this rain out and not get it all at one time.

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