Friday, March 18, 2016

Hidden tools in the Storm Team 12 app

It's our final day of Severe Weather Awareness Week. As we get ready to head into severe weather season, please make sure you have a way of getting important alerts. Most of us have very busy schedules and can't be around the TV as often as we'd like during stormy weather. So the app comes in handy for those on the go.

Unfortunately, our weather app is only available for Android and Apple devices. So if you have a Windows phone, the following information won't be very helpful.

When you open the app, it comes to this home screen, and some of the buttons you want to be aware of are highlighted with the arrow.

#1 - This button will allow you to change your home location and other settings. If you plan to travel, you'll mostly likely want to change your location to "Use Current Location" so that the app will follow you on your trip. If you end up in watch or warning, the app will notify you.

#2 - An extremely useful tool when we have stormy weather in the forecast. In addition to radar data, you have options for satellite, snow cover, water temperatures, tropical weather, and storm tracking information.

#3 - When you want to see future radar (especially when storms are forecast), try using this option to see our "FutureTrack" right there on your phone.


Please don't rely on Facebook to get watch and warning notifications. In many cases, you may not see important information until minutes or hours later. Twitter can be a useful tool for getting weather information, but even it shouldn't be your first source for severe weather watches and warnings.

How crazy is the weather change today?! This is the coldest day since February 25th when we had some highs in the 40s. It's been an unbelievable stretch of warm weather and our flowers and trees are blooming. But this cold weather will certainly set some things back. Our coldest night should be Saturday night/Sunday morning and then we will begin a warming trend into the beginning of next week.

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