Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Series of storms arriving soon & a partial lunar eclipse

This crazy week of weather in Kansas continues with wind, record highs, rain, snow, and a chance to see a partial lunar eclipse. Well, the lunar eclipse isn't really weather related, but it's fun to share here on the blog. It's just a partial eclipse, so if you can't see it due to clouds, you won't be missing much.

What the moon will look like when it reaches its maximum eclipse

It starts at 4:39 a.m. Wednesday, reaches it's maximum eclipse at 6:47 a.m., and will end after the moon sets for the day. What will it look like? Here's an example. It's not the blood red moon that we saw last year (like 3 different times), but the moon will darken some early Wednesday. It's basically just passing through the edge of the Earth's shadow.

Update on Storm #1:
The track is still favored over northern Kansas. This will keep more significant moisture across northwest Kansas. There could be some accumulation of snow along the Nebraska state line, but like last week (on Friday), any snow that falls won't be around for too long as the ground has already been warming up.

Storm Track #2:
This track looks to be farther south. Forecast models show the system coming in for Easter weekend, but the timing has changed a little. It's looking like our better chances for rain and snow will begin late Saturday night and continue Sunday. This storm hasn't formed yet, so we still expect some changes in the overall forecast. But confidence is growing that much of the state should get some kind of moisture over the holiday weekend.

Colder air will be sliding in behind the Easter weekend storm system. It won't be around for very long, but you can see that by Saturday, there is some pretty chilly air sliding down the Rockies.

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