Monday, March 28, 2016

Wind and some severe weather this week

Did you see snow this weekend? How much rain did you get? The fast moving storm system dumped some very nice moisture over the southern part of the state, and it landed in places that have desperately needed it. In typical March fashion, the snow didn't last more than about 6 hours. It was a heavy, sloppy snow that had some very good moisture content to it. When the temperatures are close to freezing, we use a 10:1 ratio (so 10 inches of snow would equal 1 inch of actual rainfall). Sundays snow was good for snowball making and we had TONS of snowmen turned Easter bunnies showing up in our picture folder.

A very large storm system developing across the west is responsible for the windy weather we will see this week. Only a part of this storm will impact Kansas. A piece of it will break off and move toward us Wednesday. There is a good chance that warm, moist air returning to the Plains will lead to some severe weather over eastern Kansas and into Missouri. This is not going to be a big rainfall producer for our area. Once again, we just aren't in the right spot for this thing to open the skies and dumped the needed moisture in our state. One of the biggest problems is that the main upper low hangs back over the southwest and never makes a push across the Kansas.

The overall weather pattern heading into the first half of April still looks very active. We will go into more detail this week here on the blog as we get ready to officially enter severe weather season (we consider that April, May, and at least the first half of June)

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