Wednesday, March 9, 2016

One storm headed our way & chance for another freeze

Shelf cloud approaching Fort Worth, TX - courtesy Wade Robberson
We've made it to Wednesday and we are half way through our first stormy week in a LONG time. The rainfall amounts from Tuesday were a little disappointing, but we will be glad with what we got (if you had any rain at all)

The same storm system that has created the severe weather and flooding down in Texas is going to push to the north Thursday night/Friday. It will be weakening as it moves along, but it may still produce some rain Saturday morning over central and eastern Kansas. Weakening storms that wobble around are sometimes very hard to forecast because a slight change in intensity or track can have big impacts on the outcome. 

Saturday Rain Chance:
It will mainly be focused over central and eastern Kansas. Right now, the highest chances will be Saturday morning, but the rain will be light, with amounts well under .25"

Next Week Storm:
The forecast is calling for another big storm system to start gathering strength across the western US early in the week. While there could still be some changes to where this storm tracks, it's looking more and more likely that this system will pass to the north of Kansas, leaving us high and dry. It will likely push a front through Tuesday and cool us off during the middle of the week. There is a chance we could see sub-freezing low temperatures during the second half of the week. So hold off putting out tender plants and turning sprinkler systems on because we still have some chilly weather ahead.

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