Friday, March 25, 2016

Two storms coming - rainfall soon - possible severe weather?

Good Friday everyone! This has just been a crazy week in Kansas with the fires and the near blizzard conditions across the northwest. We definitely need moisture and some of us will have a chance beginning as early as tonight. 
First Chance: Moisture coming in ahead of a cold front tonight/early Saturday should lead to some rain from southwest into central and eastern Kansas. A few areas could get more than .25", but for most, it will likely be less than that.

Second Chance: Another storm system (the one that we've talked about most of the week) will track across northern Oklahoma. It is a fast moving system, but south central and southeast Kansas will have the better chances for the measurable rain. 

Next Week - Wind Alert: A big storm system coming into the western US will create more windy days. It's a little weird how similar the weather next week will be compared to this week. The wind starts to pick up Monday afternoon and a very windy day is in store Tuesday. We will still have wind on Wednesday as the next cold front approaches too. We are looking at the potential for scattered storms, which could develop Tuesday night over central and eastern Kansas, but the better chance will come Wednesday evening. Some hail and wind look possible going into Wednesday evening, but a big severe weather episode isn't likely at this time.

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