Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Some strong storms possible soon

The chance for scattered storms is still in the forecast later this week. Timing, strength, and amounts of precipitation are coming into better focus now that we are getting closer.

There will be very little rain between now and Thursday early afternoon. Any precipitation that does develop will be little more than some drizzle or a quick passing shower. 

Thursday -  We still expect thunderstorms to develop across western Kansas into the evening hours (most likely after 6 p.m.) Chances for severe weather are pretty slim, but for a couple of hours we might see a few storms produce some hail and gusty winds. Best chances for any hail at all will be west of a Hays to Dodge City line. As the storms move east, they will weaken quickly.

Rainfall amounts - Still doesn't look like Kansas will get much out of this first storm coming through. In most cases, it will be under .25" (unless you get caught under a thunderstorms, then it might be heavier)

But we have some other chances coming late in the weekend and next week too. Try to not get disheartened by the lack of rain at the end of the week. We are just at the start of what will likely be an active patter for the remainder of March and into early April.

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