Monday, March 6, 2017

How much longer for the wind - Severe Weather Awareness

Good Monday morning! This is Severe Weather Awareness week in Kansas and it's a great time to review severe weather safety with your family. The season has already started because of the unusual warmth that we've had lately. You might remember us tracking some severe storms in southeast Kansas last Tuesday night. And more severe storms are possible today just off to our east. Take a look at the severe weather outlook:

TORNADO SIRENS WILL SOUND TUESDAY - 10:00 a.m. - this is the statewide tornado drill that happens as part of severe weather awareness. 

When will the wind finally go down?

The incredible wind gusts that we are looking at for today (Monday) are being created by a storm coming from the west coast. It's tracking too far north to do us any good here, but we get the wind and fire danger. We expect wind gusts of 50-60 mph in several spots today, and although the wind will back off some tonight, it's not until Tuesday night that wind goes down even more. It shouldn't be as windy once we get to Wednesday and the second half of the week.

I know that we need rain in a very bad way, but the chances are very slim until Friday night or Saturday when a stronger cold front will be arriving. Even then, it's only a small chance for some scattered showers. A good soaking rain just isn't in the works for Kansas right now.

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