Friday, March 31, 2017

No April Fools joke - another storm

What a great week for rainfall in Kansas. I was out of town, but couldn't quit checking the radar to see how much rain was moving through our area. Nice to see the big 2 and 3 inch amounts and thanks to Ed ONeal, we are starting to see life again in southwest Kansas where the big fires wiped out so much. Pictures are from Clark county, where the biggest wildfire in Kansas history just hit back in early March. Imagine how green these areas will be in a few weeks with some sun and warmer weather. 

Next storm on the way - 
Based on my count, this is the 4th storm to impact Kansas in just over a week. This won't produce as much rain as the previous one did, but we are still looking at a statewide event with some good soaking moisture.

Take a look where the storm is now: Using the brand new satellite that was put into space last fall, we can see it's spinning out near the 4 corners area. 

When does the rain start? Showers (and a few storms too) will be coming back to western Kansas late tonight (Friday night) and then spreading east through the day on Saturday. We won't have severe weather, but some thunder is possible, especially early Saturday. Generally speaking, widespread .25-.50" can be expected, but if you are under some thunderstorms, you'll likely to get over .50".

And - if you don't get enough rain this weekend, another storm is on the way (#5 in over a week) will be arriving next Tuesday/Wednesday. Computer models aren't exactly set on how much precipitation could fall, but it's another storm to watch with potential more soaking rains on the way.

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