Thursday, March 9, 2017

Next rain chances & a hard freeze coming

I knew it had been windy for nearly a week, but when I looked at the stats yesterday, I was amazed at how much wind we've been seeing. Just look at the numbers. Both Wichita and Hutch haven't had a single day with a gust below 30 mph. That changes today as our next cold front approaches from the north. The winds go down and will turn back to the north soon.

Next Rain Chance: It is still on the maps for Friday night - early Saturday. This is a storm that is coming from the northwest and intercepting moisture over Kansas. It's NOT a favorable storm track to produce widespread moisture. We would like for it to come from the southwest, but there's nothing we can do to change it. A wintry mix is even expected for a few spots early Saturday. Snow could mix with the rain, but unless you live up around K.C. or northern Missouri, it's not likely to be enough to shovel.

Another Freeze is Coming!
I've had some phone calls and people stop me at the store asking if it's safe to go ahead and start their garden. I'd suggest waiting a little longer because we have another shot of colder air coming south to start next week. Forecast models are locking in on a front arriving Sunday night and dropping us back to the 30s and 40s to start next week. And, by Tuesday morning, a widespread hard freeze is likely. So hold off if you can - winter isn't quite over yet (even though we've had so little winter this year)

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