Friday, March 3, 2017

Drought update - when will we see some rain?

Welcome to Friday. We are heading into our last weekend on standard time, so next weekend, we lose that hour of sleep. Thanks for stopping by the blog. We continue to be in a spot that just isn't getting ANY moisture at all. It's been rather unfortunate to watch so many systems get close to Kansas, but yet the ingredients just aren't there for precipitation.

The latest drought monitor came in yesterday and it shows conditions are getting worse in western Kansas. Dodge City has now gone 46 days (counting Friday) without any moisture (that includes measurable rain & snow). And I'm sure some places have gone even longer without rain/snow.

Looking Ahead:
I had a comment on the blog yesterday asking about our next chances for moisture. Well, let's take a look at the next couple of weather features through the next few weeks. It just doesn't look promising through the middle of this month.

The next cold front scheduled to arrive will get here Monday evening/night. But once again, look where the better chances for rain will setup - EAST! We have had some very close encounters with rain/thunder/and a few weeks ago, snow. But just about everything seems to go around us.

Pattern for March 12
And if we look even farther out, into our second full week of March, the pattern still doesn't hold much promise. When the jet stream winds (usually around 30-40,000 feet) come from the northwest, Gulf of Mexico moisture usually gets pushed farther east. This can result in a very disappointing forecast when it comes to rain.

Around March 21/22

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