Monday, March 13, 2017

Finally, some rain - when does the pattern finally break?

March is quickly flying by and other than wind and major grass fires, we still haven't had a decent storm in two months. The last big system was the ice storm during the middle of January. 

We finally saw some rain move across the burn scars in southwest Kansas yesterday (Sunday) evening. Some of the heaviest (and it probably wan't more than .20") went through Clark county. You can see how the radar looked at 10:30 last night. 

Check this out:
Today will likely end up with below normal high temperatures around our state. This will mark 4 days in a row with cooler than average temperatures, which matches the longest stretch of below normal high temperatures for the entire winter (since December 1). It's only 4 days, so it's nothing earth shattering, but it does put into perspective just how little cold air we've had this season.

Major Nor'easter:
While our temperatures might be cold enough for snow, we don't expect any snowfall around here this week. But look at this huge storm that is forecast to drop up to 2 feet of snow on major cities. Maybe you are hearing about a bomb storm, or bomb cyclone. All that means is that the storm is going to rapidly intensify in a very short amount of time (usually less than 12 hours) These are the ones that produce major snows and can shut cities down.

Our pattern this week:
It will be a chilly week and pretty uneventful. Our upper level winds are coming out of the northwest and usually when we see this setup, rain and snow chances are minimal and the weather isn't very exciting at all.

Tomorrow we will look ahead to the next potential storm that may impact Kansas and surrounding areas. I know we have so many areas begging for rain, but the pattern this week isn't very helpful.

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