Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tornado Drill today - Next rain chances

Just a reminder about the statewide tornado drill today - 10 a.m. This is the time to practice those safety drills and be ready for the upcoming storm season. Just about everyone knows the basement is the place to be during a tornado, but what room would you go to and have you thought about the heavy objects directly above you in your home? I try to teach kids that they should think about going to rooms in the basement that are not under heavy objects that can fall through the floor.

And if you live in an apartment, what would you do to seek shelter? Generally speaking, the best option is to get to lower floors where the winds will not be as strong.

The wind is finally going to go down Tuesday night, but breezy conditions return to central and eastern Kansas on Wednesday. 

Next Rain Chance -
We are expecting a fast moving system to come through Friday night and early Saturday. The amount and timing of the rain is still a little unclear, but the forecast models that I reference quite often here on the blog both agree some showers will come through at the end of the week. The storm system will approach from the northwest, which isn't very favorable for widespread moisture. But we can always hope for the best.

Take a look at both model predictions and remember, because we are still 4 days away from the event, there will be some changes as we get closer in time. It would be nice to track some rain instead of grass fires... and I know the firefighters would certainly welcome some sleep and a break from the relentless wind.

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Rebecca Barnes said...

We live NE of Augusta. I don't believe any severe weather was forecast for last evening (Monday, March 6), but we ended up with hail, two downed trees and a mangled above ground pool. What changed?

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