Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cooler than normal; mainly dry

Here's hoping your week is off to a good start. This will continue to be a very quiet week around the central US. No complaints here, but there were several areas that missed the rain over the weekend, and we'd like to stir up some more moisture and bring it to Kansas. The weekend rains were very heavy for some, barely enough to settle the dust for others, and still far southwest Kansas couldn't buy a drop (west of Dodge City)

Rainfall from over the weekend
The weather pattern this week reminds me of the one we had a few weeks ago when it was windy almost 7 days straight and the temperatures were so cool. We are seeing that again this week, just without so much wind every day (thank goodness)

Pattern setup for the rest of the week.
The rest of the week won't be completely dry. There is a weak system sliding in from the northwest that will bring some spotty showers back to northwest Kansas (likely Wednesday and maybe even Thursday too)  They won't be heavy, but northwest Kansas could sure use more moisture. So I guess if things are going to stay so dry around Kansas, we just as well have the cooler than normal temperatures to help ease some of the stress on our plants, crops, gardens, etc. Those 100 degree days in May can sure turn things brown in a hurry.
Future Track model for Wednesday afternoon showing showers in the north

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