Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Millie goes fishing; quiet for a few days

I should have posted this yesterday, but over the holiday weekend, Millie and I had a fishing trip with my sister back in eastern Kansas. It was a small farm pond that was maybe half full. The water levels (even in eastern Kansas where the rainfall is usually much higher) are very low and could use more rain. But this pond was loaded with bass and the water was nice and clear. While I didn't catch anything record setting, we had a great time. Every time I pulled something out of the water, Millie tried to bite at the fish. It's funny how she can make a game out of something that I'm doing as a way to entertain herself.

The weather looks quiet for a few days. Have you noticed there hasn't been much wind around the state for a few days? In my opinion, it's nice not having to deal with the wind, but I supposed when it gets humid like it has been, a bit of a breeze would be helpful. We probably won't see much wind in our area until Saturday (at the earliest), but more likely that the south breeze will kick in by Sunday.
The slight increase Friday could be some showers over eastern Kansas. They will be spotty

We still expect the rain chances to start going up again heading into the weekend. Chances will start in western Kansas Saturday as the activity will likely be very spotty. We should notice a much better chance for rain by Sunday as our western storm system begins to move our way. We will have to watch for some strong to severe storms later on in the weekend. We are past the peak of severe weather season, but early June can still offer up some decent severe weather events. It's too early to pin down the timing, but look for details in the days ahead. I don't think anyone would be upset getting more rain here in Kansas. We are going to need it going into the summer months.

Next feature to watch closely is the western "L" that you see over Utah by Monday

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