Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wednesday storm wrap - some severe today

It was so exciting to see something on the radar last night, but unfortunately there was damage with the storms that rolled through. Hardest hit areas were eastern McPherson county and up in Dickinson county in Abilene. The largest hail report we had was golf ball size (1.75") and there was at least one report of winds to 80 mph. It was strong enough to knock the train off the track near Galva. Down at the bottom of this blog, I'm posting some pictures that came in Wednesday evening. Check out the cool picture from Sterling of the sunshine and lightning cutting across the sky.

Could we see more severe storms this afternoon? We do have a cold front that will be coming in from western Kansas and it's snowing this morning in western Nebraska again. Temperatures are in the 30s across western Nebraska. Showers that have developed in Oklahoma are tracking northeast and may clip some of south central and eastern Kansas yet this morning. The cold front will be running into higher humidity (dew points in the 60s) over central and eastern Kansas. I still think the best chance for storms will be south and east of a line from Salina to Hutch to Medicine Lodge. Hail to 2 inches and wind gusts to 60 mph still appear to be the main threats. We didn't have any tornadoes yesterday and most likely won't see any again today in Kansas. We are definitely okay with that, but we sure wish the rain amounts would be a little higher than they have been. Even the areas that had storms Wednesday evening only received small amounts of rain (generally less than .50")  There is a higher likelihood of severe storms today up in Iowa where you can see the moderate risk outlined for a few isolated tornadoes that may develop later.

In the blog tomorrow, we will focus on another round of potential severe storms that could impact the area on Mother's Day. 

Near Sterling from Kendrah Payne
Abilene storm damage

Hail in Galva

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