Friday, May 23, 2014

Rain... finally... for some

How much rain did you get last night? Some had a lot, others had a little, and some are still waiting. Here is a list of some of the totals from around the state. We'd love to hear how much rain you had, so feel free to post on my Facebook page or Twitter (@KWCHRoss)

Wichita (Mid-Continent): 1.74"
Elkhart: 1.29"
Goodland: .88"
Liberal: 0.72"
Garden City: 0.59"
Winfield: 0.25"
Salina: 0.02"
Dodge City: 0.01"
Jabara Airport (NE Wichita): 0

24 hr rainfall estimates from radar (even though the banner says 6)
24 hr rainfall estimates (banner says 6 but it's really 24)
I was actually downtown Thursday evening during the heavy downpour and couldn't believe how heavy it was coming down. The radar estimate clearly shows that areas to the north of K-96 in the city didn't get anything at all. My rain gauge was completely dry this morning. I'm posting radar estimates for the entire state so you can get an idea of where the rain ended up and who was missed.

Looking ahead, we still have good chances to see more rain developing today across the area. I think we will have more storms today than yesterday, and we may have even more widespread type activity late in the holiday weekend. The good news is that we don't expect very many storms to be severe. It's not a guarantee that a few storms couldn't produce some hail, but slow moving storms with heavy downpours and lightning appears to be the main threat.

Future Track model at 6 Friday evening
Some hail possible with stronger storms, but very little severe weather expected
It's easy to get frustrated if you haven't had the rain yet, but don't give up. The chances for moisture go all the way into Wednesday of  next week (although for western Kansas, the chances will probably end after Tuesday as the main low pressure feature gets too far east)

It's very nice to see some areas of Kansas getting more than just a trace. It's been a long, hard drought, and although it's far from over, this rain is probably an attitude booster heading into the weekend. Have a good and safe Memorial Day weekend.


nila burch said...

Thanks Ross and Millie you have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blogs this week on the rain. It has been very interesting (and encouraging!).

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