Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekend rain chances - change next week

Friday is here and I know there are several graduations taking place throughout the weekend. I've had several people send me messages on Facebook and through email asking whether or not it's a good idea to setup for graduation receptions outside or not. In this case, if you setup outside, it rains, but if you decide to play it safe and go inside, then it's dry. Isn't that Murphy's law?? I don't know, but Saturday is a pretty safe bet that most of the state will be dry. A few storms are expected in western Kansas, but they will be scattered and likely NOT severe.
Rain chance Saturday P.M./eve
Then on Sunday, the moisture spreads a little farther east and we get chances into central and eastern Kansas. Timing is a bit in question, but I'd say evening and up to about midnight will be our best window of opportunity for rain. Once again, severe storms are NOT expected Sunday evening.
Rain chance Sunday eve./night
Get ready, next week the summer-like temperatures will be back and highs climb back to around 90, and even some cases, reach the mid 90s. I guess if you need some hot weather to get you in the mood for Memorial Day weekend, we will have that working in our favor. Have a great weekend.

Pattern change for next week. Hotter air returns

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