Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finally, a break and big warmup

The week is coming to a close and it looks like we will finally get the wind machine turned down for a little while. I remember running Hard Charge last weekend at the Kansas Coliseum in the wind and that was Saturday. We know it was windy Sunday and throughout the week, so we've actually had a solid week of wind. And from what I can tell on social media, everyone is sick of it and ready for rain.

Taking a look at what's coming up for Kansas weather isn't good in the rain department, but we should have some nice days without a bunch of wind blowing in our face. It will be getting MUCH warmer throughout this area. In fact, some 90s should be on the map coming up Saturday, which doesn't set any records, but it is definitely warmer than average and maybe a little too soon for some of you. Sunday won't change much either as highs will be in the 80s to near 90.
weather pattern for May 1

Weather pattern for May 5
Let's focus on what the weather pattern will be doing for the next week or so. Now that we have finally kicked the slow moving storm (same one that generated the severe storms and wind) off to the northeast, the storm track will quiet down and shift back to the north across the Dakotas. Early next week, a storm will form on the west coast and then begin moving our way. You'll see several question marks on the map for next Thursday because it looks like with a nice storm system arriving from the west, one would predict good chances for storms and RAIN. But the way things have been going around here over the last several months, we keep getting missed. The moisture gets pushed too far east and there are signs that it could happen again at the end of our first week of May. If the moisture ends up being farther west, chances for severe storms and much needed moisture will make it back into our 7 day forecast. Until then, we just keep waiting and watching. Most of Kansas is dealing with rainfall deficits (for the year) that are 3-6 inches below normal. HURRY UP RAIN!!!

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