Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunday storm recap

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We thought there would be some severe weather around this weekend and in fact, we had two different rounds (one Saturday evening and then again Sunday). Sunday was probably the biggest severe weather day we've had this year. I don't recall how many tornadoes we had, but I think we had at least 4 or 5. Keep in mind, the number of reports will almost always be different than the actual number of tornadoes that occurred.
hail from Dodge City
We did have some tremendous hail with the storms. I think some of the most significant hail was about the size of tennis balls, and we had one report of that in Kingman county. There was a TON of golf ball hail reports throughout the evening. I'm sharing some of the storm pictures that came in Sunday evening and we appreciate all of the pictures that we get (as long as you safe while taking the them)

North of Inman (tornado warned storm headed for McPherson)
The storm that approached McPherson yesterday evening around 10 p.m was a difficult one to follow. Nighttime tornadoes are so difficult to track because you don't have the added benefit of sunlight. I'm posting a picture from the Inman area, looking at the storm to the north as it approached McPherson. It's very hard to tell what is going on, but you can definitely see some very low hanging clouds. The rotation seemed to ramp up every now and then on the radar, but it was definitely hard to pinpoint the exact area of the tornado. The video posted here is from the Great Bend area as another storm passed their location around 8 p.m. with rotation. Our spotter had a brief tornado touchdown there, but didn't see any reports of significant damage. There are some very low hanging clouds in the video, but I can't see a tornado from this viewpoint.

Our weather this week will largely be controlled by a storm system to our north and east. Cooler than normal weather should be expected and our rain chances are slim to none for the remainder of the week as the dry air continues to filter in from the west. We will likely have to wait until the weekend (at the earliest) and more likely next week before the atmosphere resets itself for more chances of rain. And there are still so many areas that still need moisture in the worst way. Let's hope our weekend rain just primes the pump for more moisture to come our way.
Setup for this week.

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