Friday, April 15, 2016

Here we go!!

Welcome to Friday and the start of what should be 4-5 days worth of rain chances for much of the Plains. This is a storm we've been talking about now for over a week and there's so much anticipation, excitement, expectations, etc. with the forecast rainfall. I will say this, please give the rain time to move from west to east over the weekend. Some of you will not see anything at all until late in the weekend, so please be patient. Big storms like this are 9 times out of 10 slow movers.

Friday evening:
Storms are forecast to develop across the west with some chance for hail and wind. We don't expect a severe weather outbreak this evening, but a few watches/warnings are not out of the question. Once storms develop, they will likely move north/northeast.

Notice how most of it is in the west. The biggest rains for western Kansas will be from Friday night through the first half of the day Sunday.

Heavier amounts of rain will finally begin to move east into the central part of the state. We don't expect these storms to be severe, but you will hear rumbles of thunder and the rainfall may be heavy at times.

The heaviest part of the storm system will begin winding down Monday afternoon. So most of you will have your significant rainfall by this time. The rain will continue moving east and slowly dissipate as it does so. I think by Monday evening, most of it will be over for our area.

Any rain chance beyond Monday will just be spotty rain showers and not very heavy at all. This particular setup isn't something we've had in many, many months. Big rains like we are about to see this weekend in western Kansas don't happen often, but it's essential for so many reasons. April - July our usually our wettest months around Kansas. It's nice to see that we are finally going to get a good soaking without having a bunch of severe weather to deal with. Enjoy and PLEASE share your amounts with us.

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