Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend storm stalls ... What's next?

courtesy Nick Newell - flooded Saline River from Ellis County

Good Monday morning and hopefully you had some nice rain from the weekend storm. It was amazing to see such heavy rainfall over western Kansas. Some places picked up two months worth of rain in just the last few days.

Just look at the Doppler radar estimated totals from last Thursday through this morning. This is what it takes to fill farm ponds, lakes, streams, etc. Very beneficial moisture. Now we just need to give it some time to soak in before the next storm arrives (which we will talk about in just a second).

The latest storm is still spinning overhead, so our chances for rain will continue through Wednesday (even though we are catching a bit of a break today and into Tuesday) The amounts won't be quite as heavy. An additional 0.25-0.50" looks possible through Wednesday evening. They will be more scattered than anything else. It's possible we could see some cold air funnels too. They look like the developing stage of a tornado, but rarely do they touch the ground or cause damage.

Next Storm:
We will turn our attention back to the west at the end of the week. Another storm system will be slamming the West by Friday/Saturday. That system will head for the Plains Sunday - Monday, and when it arrives, we should have some moisture in place to bring another chance for showers and storms. This is not shaping up to be widespread 3-5" amounts like some had with the latest storm. But there could be a higher chance for some severe storms with this next system. It's a little early yet, but we will continue to watch the trends heading into the start of next week.

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