Friday, April 8, 2016

Next rain chances & potential severe weather soon

Good Friday morning everyone. Thanks for checking in to see what's going on with our weather and the setup heading into the weekend. Kansas hasn't been in the right place for beneficial rainfall recently and we could be missing out once again. Let's continue to be hopeful that we get some rain, but latest trends in the models continue to go south (again).

Saturday: Wind will pick up from the south and Gulf of Mexico moisture continues to move our way. There is a VERY slight chance for some showers/thundershowers over central and eastern Kansas Saturday night.

Sunday: Sun comes out for the afternoon and we see temperatures warming into the 80s for most of the state. There will be a front cross the state from north to south, and it's not until after 6 or 7 that we will see scattered storms start to develop. We don't expect severe storms, but some small hail and heavy rain is possible. It looks like the heaviest will be southeast of the Turnpike and into northern Oklahoma (based on recent computer model trends)

Monday:  Some leftover rain is possible early Monday, but the chances will diminish heading into the early afternoon.

Here are the forecast rain amounts for Sunday - Monday
GFS Model for rainfall
European Model for rainfall

Potential Severe Weather in the Plains:
Just a heads up. The end of next week could be stormy. The two forecast models that we base the majority of our forecast on show a large storm hitting the West during the middle of next week. That system will push east by Friday/Saturday. So we could be looking at an increased chance for severe storms by the end of the week. Be sure to check back for updates heading into next week!

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