Thursday, April 21, 2016

Severe weather chances increasing soon

Thursday is here and we have two, very nice days coming up in Kansas weather. The wind won't be too strong, skies will be sunny, and with the recent rainfall, we have some very green landscape. There's probably a fair amount of mowing to be done too (or maybe that's just me). 

Dodge City is having their second wettest April on record. If another 0.49" falls by the end of the month, this will become the wettest in recorded history. There is certainly that chance with more stormy weather on the way to the Plains. 

Just beyond our nice weather is a very active, stormy setup for much of the central US. So let's go through what's on the models as we move into the weekend. 

Storm #1:
This will be the system coming out of the west Saturday/Sunday. The main track of this system is north, so for this weekend, the widespread, heavier rainfall will be focused across the northern Plains. Scattered showers and storms are expected over central and eastern Kansas Sunday evening, but most likely not on a widespread basis. Some hail and wind may accompany the stronger storms. At this time, the chances look to stay east of a line from Russell to Medicine Lodge.

Storm #2: 
An additional storm will be racing in from the west Monday night/Tuesday. There is an increasing chance for this setup to favor severe weather across the Plains, and a potential outbreak of storms is looking more likely. Several ingredients appear to be coming together for an increased likelihood of tornadoes too, so let's keep a very close watch on Tuesday. Right now, it looks like the highest severe threat will exist over central and southern Kansas, and down into northern Oklahoma. 

Storm #3:
There should be another storm coming into the Plains Friday, April 29th or Saturday, the 30th. This storm will also pose a risk of producing more severe weather across the Plains. 
Bottom line is that we are about to go into a very stormy week across Kansas and surrounding areas. Make sure you're prepared and we will have updates on air and of course, here on the blog too.

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Thanks for the heads up on next week!

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