Thursday, April 17, 2014

Did Millie drool & new weather graphics

Millie is such a hit with our viewers and so many people ask me about her good behavior. I don't know how I got so lucky having a dog that listens to me as well as she does, but sometimes, I have to go the extra mile to keep her focused. I'm fairly certain Millie likes hanging out in the weather center and on set during the newscasts, but in order to keep her from laying down and falling asleep while we are still on the air, I have to bait her with a milk bone or some kind of treat (quite frankly, I think she is "over" this whole TV thing). This explains why at the end of the newscast, you see her looking off to the side because she's gazing at a small milk bone that waits for her AFTER we end the show. It's happened on a few occasions, but sometimes the sight of the treat is enough to get her drooling before the cameras stop rolling. Here's a picture that was sent to me from one of our viewers, suggesting we get her a drool bucket.

We were excited to put our new weather graphics on TV Wednesday evening. We didn't change things up dramatically, but some of the forecast graphics will look different. The regional 7 day forecasts are designed now to show Wichita two times, and the other zones should be up a little longer. One big benefit of the new equipment is we will have access to more timely data and our Future Track will be updated more frequently. The biggest change takes place behind the scenes for our meteorologists inputting the data. We hope in the long run it's a time saver, but we are all still very much learning as we go. Change is scary sometimes, but in this case, it's a chance to have some fresh stuff to look at on the air. Let us know what you think.

We are still on track to have a nice start to the weekend, but rain chances increase Saturday night and Sunday. I'm still not expecting any huge amounts, but once again, I think we will be happy to have anything right now. No severe storms this weekend, but there could be some instances of thunder with some of the heavier activity.
Most areas can expect about .25", but there will be some pockets that get a little more by the end of Easter weekend.

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nila burch said...

Love Millie and and also like the new graphics

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