Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunday evening rains and severe potential this week

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. The rain wasn't much (at least for 95% of Kansas) but there were some pockets of big rains just west and north of Hays. This sort of thing seems to happen from time to time where some areas get it all, and others get missed completely. Look at the radar estimates from Goodland and the pockets of red would indicate the higher amounts. (click on any image to make it larger)

Good news is that we continue to have chances in the week ahead. Although we haven't dealt much with severe storms this spring, the chance seems to be increasing, especially by Wednesday. There's a pretty strong system that will be coming in from the west, and we expect storms by 5 or 6 pm in western Kansas. Those will push east late Wednesday evening. You can see the Storm Prediction Center has drawn an outlook or "risk" area for the middle of the week. The only limiting factor might be the higher humidity residing south in Oklahoma, but we still feel very confident in getting storms to erupt during the late afternoon and evening time frame. 

There is a chance we could be in for more strong to severe storms next weekend. Details to come throughout the week. Have a good week.

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nila burch said...

Thanks Ross and Millie Lincolnville did not hrt much still have hopes

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