Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Drought & late frost/freeze

Thanks for spending a few minutes checking out the blog this morning. The lack of rainfall so far this spring is really making everyone nervous. It's our wettest time of the year and we continue to get missed by the good, soaking rains. Take a look at the side by side comparison of the current drought with where we were at back on October 1st of last year. Most of the state now falls under "severe" drought. Even though we had above normal snowfall in most of central and eastern Kansas, the moisture content just hasn't been enough. 

We do have a pretty good shot at getting some rain in here this coming weekend. At least one forecast model shows some areas getting close to an inch (central and east). The west should get some too, but the amounts will be lower and could be mixed with some snow. Yes... we are still using that 4 letter word. =)  AND... there may still be a frost or freeze early next week (probably the morning of April 14)  Look for updates tomorrow and the rest of the week. We typically think of tax day as being the frost free date, but we will be pushing it this year. 

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