Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Record lows and another chance for rain

Did you get up for the lunar eclipse this morning? What a spectacular view with Mars just to the side of the moon. I woke up at 1:15 and it was just beginning, but then I fell back asleep and missed the total eclipse. Bummer. Hopefully if you wanted to see it, you remembered.

So far, it looks like we've had record low temperatures in Russell where the morning low dropped into the teens. And Salina starting out with 22 breaks the old record of 23. What a cold morning for April! I certainly hope this wasn't the nail-in-the-coffin for the winter wheat crop, but experts will tell you there probably isn't a way to know for sure until closer to harvest time when you can see how much grain is actually in the head.
Rain amounts from the GFS computer model
We are hopeful for some much needed moisture again Wednesday night into Thursday. One computer model puts the higher amounts across southwest Kansas where they definitely need it. I think it may be slightly overdone with amounts between .50-1 inch, but we should get something out of the system Wednesday night - Thursday. There may even be a little more snow mixing with the rain in far western and northern Kansas. And how bizarre is this for the middle of April? Talk about a quiet start to the severe weather season for much of the country. The 4-8 day outlook from the Storm Prediction Center has no risk areas. We've had several systems pass through, but so far, most of the severe storms have all been to our east. I'm not complaining about missing the hail, wind, and tornadoes, but I do hope we can start getting some of the systems to produce rain. We want that moisture going into the summer season.

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