Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekend rain chances

I'm just as excited as everyone else about these 80 degree days like we'll have today, but also getting very nervous about how dry things are and will continue to be for awhile. Seems like every other day, we have either wind advisory, red flag warning, or fire weather watch to talk about in the forecast. April tends to be one of the wetter months, but we are still waiting for things to move in that direction.

Throughout the week, we've been advertising these rain and storm chances for the weekend. Here's how one computer model draws up the showers and storms at 4 p.m. Sunday. Heaviest activity is forecast to be along and east of I-135 while western Kansas would be getting some cold rain (maybe some wet snow mixed in toward evening). Once again, western Kansas will likely miss the heavier precipitation. But even in central Kansas, we count on these spring cold fronts to help produce the rains we need going into the summer months. And this coming weekend, there is a chance we could see the heaviest activity miss us to the east. Frustrating to say the least, but we can hope this entire weekend system slows a bit, and that may help our potential for better rainfall, but I don't like the trend in the computer models right now.

And it's possible we could see a frost or hard freeze early next week. Now it looks like Tuesday morning might be the time frame to watch out for. Gardeners beware!!

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nila burch said...

Thanks we just need rain don't look like in Lincolnville will get any

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