Thursday, April 3, 2014

First severe weather and weekend outlook

3 miles east of Mulvane
It's not really what we would call widespread severe weather, but if you had hail Wednesday evening, hopefully you were ready. It's amazing to me how fast we go from tracking snow to severe storms. One storm in particular produced some very large hail. It formed in NW Sumner county and then moved across the Kansas Star Casino with 2 inch hail. And the storm kept moving east and dropped golf ball size hail (1.75") on Rose Hill and Douglass and survived all the way into Greenwood county. It had some rotation with it, but never did produce much of a wall cloud or tornado. 

The setup today will favor severe storms into Missouri and Arkansas. Moderate risk has been placed over a large part of the region for large hail and some tornadoes. St. Louis was rocked pretty hard from storms Wednesday morning. The same system may stir up some showers or some snow in western Kansas (yes, I said snow). We don't really have much to worry about in Kansas weather today. The snow (if we see some in the west) will be light and even the wind won't be overly strong this afternoon or tonight. The weekend storm system doesn't look that impressive, BUT everyone should get at least a little something out of it. I would expect rain amounts to easily be under .50", and you can see one computer model is forecasting slightly more rain for western Kansas. We can certainly hope, but it just doesn't look like it will be all that heavy. But we will be grateful for anything I think. If you've just put some fertilizer down, this should help you out. Have a good Thursday.

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