Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Severe threat and look who is back!!

Some early morning showers developed over central and northern Kansas this morning, but once again, it's just a spit and not enough to really do anything for us. Well, maybe mess up a nice clean windshield if you had just washed your car.

We are watching for severe storms this evening. The only limiting factor is rich, Gulf of Mexico moisture and for the weather enthusiasts, you can see that by looking at the dew points this morning. They are in the 30s and 40s, and will likely come up into the 50s later today. Good, rich moisture would have dew points in the 60s, and I don't think we will see them get that high later on. Nonetheless, some severe storms (main risk hail and wind) will develop after 4 or 5 in western Kansas, and then we should see a line form as they move farther east. Into the night, the main risk would be some damaging wind gusts of 60 mph. Don't forget, if the weather gets bad, most of our updates are on Always On Storm Team 12 and we stream that coverage to We will provide updates on KWCH too as conditions warrant, so look for us there. And of course you can follow the storms with us using the Storm Team 12 weather app. The radar on there is fantastic and you can see the alerts as they come in too.

The upcoming weekend could be stormy too. There will be chances for severe storms both Saturday and Sunday. Main threat will be over central and eastern Kansas, but the details are still a little uncertain this many days in advance. I will say this though, the setup looks like a classic severe weather event that could bring some tornadoes to the central and southern Plains. So be sure to check in with us through the remainder of the week to see where and when.

I had a nice day off Tuesday and had a chance to catch up on some projects around the house. I don't know if the warmer temperatures pushed me more than the extra hair in the house, but I decided it was time for Millie to have her summer buzz. I know there are some who disagree with me doing this, but I think this is the 8th year in a row and I've had good luck with it. Yesterday after we finished, she started running around the yard like she was on fire. I know she feels good and it's a nice break for me with all of the hair that she puts off. So... summer Millie has returned.


nila burch said...

Think she looks good and know she probably feels better will have a heads up with the weather

scott said...

Thanks for the weather update and Millie looks good. Don't worry what some people think. It's more important that she is comfortable.

Wendy Wiens said...

I had a very furry Corgi & she always got a "summer do". She was so much happier in summer without all that heavy Corgi hair. Even though I called her "Butch", she thought she was pretty darn cute!

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