Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend severe chances

We made it to Friday and as you make plans for the weekend, just remember there will be chances for severe storms both Saturday and at least early Sunday. It's not looking like an outbreak of severe storms and there is some question as to whether or not storms even develop Saturday evening, but we'd rather you be prepared than caught off guard. (click on any image to make it larger) Our Future Track model does develop storms after 6 p.m. Saturday evening and that seems to go along with one of the other reliable computer models that we look at when making a forecast. But it's very likely that the storm coverage will be very isolated. However, storms that do develop will have a very high chance of producing some large hail. I'll give it just a "medium" chance of having tornadoes. There is enough wind in the atmosphere to support having a few, but big tornado days usually have more moisture in the atmosphere than what I think we will have Saturday. We'll see.

Sunday will bring another round of storms, but the best chance will come in the first half of the day. Severe storms usually come late in the afternoon, evening, or into the overnight, but we can still get them in the morning too. I do think some strong storms may come through central and eastern Kansas Sunday morning, but the greatest potential for severe weather Sunday will be well north and east of our area. So in summarizing our weekend severe chances, I'd say there is about an 18 hour window where we could get some bad storms, starting from around 6 p.m. Saturday evening and continuing up to about noon on Sunday. After that, we should be in the clear.
Next week still looks much cooler than normal with a chance for showers Tuesday AND... you guessed it... more Kansas wind. Have a great weekend!!

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